Add Real Folder Monitoring to iTunes 9

Uh, remember yesterday when I called iTunes 9 out for failing to add folder monitoring? Well, it turns out I was wrong. Sort of.

See, if you peek inside C:\Users\[Your Username]\iTunes\iTunes Music, you'll find a new addition: a folder called Automatically Add to iTunes.

So let's say you download some music from, say, AMIE Street or Walmart. Or you use MediaMonkey to rip some CDs. Just make sure the tunes land in that folder and presto: They'll get added to your iTunes library (and ultimately moved to iTunes' standard Artist/Album folders).

This is nowhere near the same thing as being able to point iTunes to the folders where you traditionally store/download music, but it's a start.

Much as I'm inclined to apologize to Apple for yesterday's oversight, it's not like there was any official announcement of this new feature, nor did iTunes provide any indication the new folder was there.

On the plus side, now we just need some enterprising software guru to work up a hack that lets you turn any folder into an Automatically Add to iTunes folder. Class? Anyone?

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