Facebook Lite Gallery: Check Out the New Look

Facebook now offers a "lite" version for those with slow Internet access or who are simply tired of the clutter.

Meet Facebook Lite

Facebook last week unveiled a new "lite" edition in limited markets (currently only the U.S. and India). It's intended to support users on slower Internet connections, but the simpler, cleaner interface might appeal to anyone tired of the sensory overstimulation that Facebook has grown into. (See also our first look.) Here's a closer examination of common screens.


The regular Newsfeed can get crowded at times. Here it shows requests in the right column, with highlights and sponsored links below it. All this is removed in Lite in exchange for a simplified view of your friends' status updates.

Lite Newsfeed

The Newsfeed has been simplified. Everything has been moved into one column (note the friend request at the top). There are no longer any shortcuts for applications or sponsored links to the right.


The regular edition of Facebook offers more functionality than Lite. On the Friends page it shows a list of recommended Friends and also offers to import your E-mail contact lists. This is a useful, but unnecessary feature that is missed in the Lite version.

Lite Friends

The friends list has been simplified. You can toggle between friends and fans of by using the upper tab. Profile pictures are larger and "People you might know" is removed.


The Lite wall is very reminiscent of Facebook's earlier days. Everything is more clean thanks to the removal of Apps. Then again, there aren't any Apps.


The regular Profile page organizes basically everything in one window and has advertisements on the right side.


The writing box stays hidden until you are ready to post.

Tagging Album

Not much has changed when tagging photos.

New Album

Uploading doesn't change much in Lite.


Uploads successful! (That's consistent, anyway!) What differences have you noticed, and what works and what doesn't for you?

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