Tables Turned on Hacker Site

Here's one to make you smile. An underground malware and hacking forum got a taste of its own medicine when it was itself hacked by a digital vigilante.

A post from F-Secure says the underground forum drew malicious hackers who bought and sold malware, stolen credit card numbers and the like. That is, until someone going by "Catch Them" broke into the site and gathered the full list of registered users, including their forum passwords and e-mail addresses, which the vigilante then posted to the Full Disclosure security mailing list. The F-Secure post includes screen shots of the pakbugs site and the users list.

F-Secure says the site has been going up and down since the event, and it's not responding when I check it (from a Linux test machine, probably not a good idea to visit underground hacking sites using your Windows desktop). Let's hope the site stays down.

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