Msconfig's Annoying Reminder

After changing a startup setting in Msconfig, Tim Byrne gets an annoying System Configuration Utility message box each time his PC boots.

Don't you just love Windows? You want to stop a program from loading automatically, so you uncheck it in Msconfig. That stops the program's autoloading, but now, this message comes up with every boot. And when you click OK, up comes Msconfig.

At least this is an XP-specific annoyance. Microsoft wisely removed the System Configuration Utility message box from Vista.

The problem: Windows assumes that since you've changed things, you must be experimenting with different boot configurations. And if you are experimenting, this message box sort of makes sense.

All you need do is tell Windows that you're finished with the experiments. Simply check Don't show this message or launch the SCU when windows starts and click OK. It won't happen, again.

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