A 17" PlayStation 3 Slim Laptop?

A 17" PlayStation 3 Slim Laptop?

Ben Heck is my hero. He makes geek objet d'art. He adapts and un-clutters. He can make "slim" somehow slimmer. And when he's finished wowing YouTube gawkers, he auctions his feats of architectural derring-do off for charity.

The latest? An ivory 17-inch PS3 Slim laptop with curvy corners, light gray pinstripes, and Sony's new typographically twisty PS3 logo stenciled smartly across the lid.

Engadget says it's a 17-inch Gateway 1775w LCD that outputs 1280 x 720 or 720p resolution, and in the video below, Heck says the case is actually oversized to lie flush with the screen--there's thus a convenient compartment on the lefthand side to stash the power cable.

Check it.

What else to say, save bravo, Mr. Heck.

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