Fable 2 Episode One Available Free on Xbox LIVE

Fable 2 Episode One Available For Free

Lionhead's Xbox 360-exclusive Fable 2 was a clever hodgepodge of trait building, micro-gaming, and faux-social capital building, and now they're giving a fifth of it away gratis. The part where you're a child up and until the adventure kicks off, that is. What's that make it then: One-fifth fantastic? Fifth-tastic?

Never mind. Just download it. It's a measly 2GB. You know you've been meaning to…well, buy it anyway. I'm talking to you. Yes, you. The one who keeps bypassing it for those other games. Halo 3: ODST, or Batman Arkham Asylum. Sympathy--$60 is asking a lot these days, and for all I know you're saving up for Modern Warfare 2.

Keep your cash. The first "episode," as they're calling it--not a "demo"--costs you nada. Just log into Xbox LIVE, line it up in the store's crosshairs, and click the download button. Easy-peasy.

Need more "why"? See my review (PCW Score: 100%). You can't lose, for one. It's a gambler's paradise for another. In fact your pet dog in the game can even [spoiler] and eventually [spoiler]. If Uncharted 2's a reason to buy a PS3 (and I can't back that up yet--I've just started playing it) then Fable 2's a reason to buy an Xbox 360, and I can say that and stake my reputation on it.

Don't believe me? Give it a spin for yourself, then queue for the next four episodes, which should bring you through the entire journey, downloadable content et al.

Keep an eye on the pricing, mind you. Microsoft and Lionhead aren't specifying what they'll charge for the remaining four pieces. Did I say $60 for retail? I meant $30. That's what GameStop's charging, leastways, and you can certainly find it for less used, or by poking around the usual bargain sites.

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