Washington Burns in New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

Washington Burns in New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

A new Modern Warfare 2 trailer released late Sunday opens with a perplexing bit of biblical oratory. It's the Cain and Abel story, the tale in which one brother murders the other. In biblical tradition, it's the world's first murder, the slaying of kin by kin, the very first "civil war."

So it's odd to find it dubbed over the introductory sequence of a trailer for a game whose story actually waves the old Russian boogeyman flag around. Last anyone checked, the game's antagonists are a global coalition task force battling a bunch of ultranationalist Russians in international locales, not Yankees vs. Confederates, or Yankees and Confederates vs. Russians on American turf.

Watch the trailer closely. That's not Moscow burning around the 1:30 mark. "Perhaps you can not yet hear it, because the soil is not your own... But you will," plays over this part. I'd say it's pretty unambiguous--it's either a "nightmare scenario" vision that never actually happens (but hey, motivation!) or a Big Reveal that the fight eventually comes stateside.

So is this really Modern Warfare 2? Or the Red Dawn remake we've been hearing about?

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