Why Did NASA Bomb the Moon? Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

NASA's LCROSS mission, which sent two spacecraft crashing into the Moon's surface Friday morning, has been a hot topic of discussion across the

moon nasa
Web. Why'd NASA do it? The space agency claims it bombed the lunar surface to search for water supplies for future missions.

Yeah, right.

Conspiracy buffs, including me, are offering a variety of alternative theories. Here are ten of my favorites. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get fitted for a new tin foil hat.

1.     To destroy secret alien moon bases on the far side.

2.     To make people forget that those Apollo landings were fake.

3.     Intelligence reports have found WMDs on lunar surface.

4.     Hate high tides? So does NASA.

5.     To prove the Moon's not made of cheese.

6.     Not-so-subtle message to rest of world: Obama may have won a Nobel Peace Prize, b

moon nasa
ut we'll still kick your ass.

7.     NASA engineers love demolition derbies.

8.     To prevent the Moon from spinning away.

9.     To pick a fight with ETs.

10.   Just to blow stuff up.

Your theories?

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