Organize Your Desktop Icons with Fences

Simple, elegant, and insanely practical, Fences corrals all your desktop icons.
Tired of icon clutter? Sure, you can organize your desktop shortcuts, programs, folders, and the like by dragging and dropping, but eventually some game or other screen resolution-changing app will undo all your hard work.

Enter Fences, a free app from Stardock that's so clever, so simple, and so useful, you'll wonder why it's not built right into Windows.

The program simply divides your icons into organized groups, each of which is represented by a translucent window. You can assign a name to each group, arrange groups to your liking, change a group's size (just like resizing any window), and so on.

Indeed, if you recall how you used to organize icons back in the Windows 3.1 days, Fences will seem familiar indeed.

Of course, this is a much prettier and more effective solution. A quick double-click of the desktop is all it takes to hide or show all your groups. To create a new fence, you simple right-click and drag, then provide a name.

I could tell you more, but it's better to see Fences in action, which you can do over at Business Hacks.

It wasn't five minutes after installing this program that I realized I'll be using it for the rest of my computing life. It's that good.

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