Mitigate the 7 Deadly Sins Found in Windows 7

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Your best bet is to channel their pride and energy into helping with the Windows 7 transition. Try "deputizing" the more aggressive types and having them act as resident experts within their respective working groups. In this way, they become like the "useful idiots" of the Bolshevik revolutions. After all, if it was good enough for Stalin, it's good enough for you.

Sloth: Windows 7's slob nature means a lot of unpleasant time spent as an IT janitor
Windows 7 is a disorganized mess. Like its predecessors, it inherits a hodgepodge of configuration and management technologies that rarely work well together and that leave bits and pieces of their respective detritus scattered throughout the OS. It's like the unruly teenagers who can't be bothered to put the milk back in the fridge or to sweep up the crumbs from the two dozen Oreos they consumed after soccer practice.

By far the worst offender is the Windows registry. This antiquated construct has been the source of more troubleshooting headaches than any other aspect of the Windows platform. Orphaned keys, conflicting/out-of-date values, hive file fragmentation -- these are just some of the issues that drive IT help desk staffers crazy. The situation is so bad that even Microsoft is abandoning the registry approach (though not in Windows 7). Many of the company's newer projects use simple XML configuration files in lieu of the complexity of managing large numbers of registry key/value pairs.

Nobody wants to live with a slob, so your job is to do what you can to keep Windows 7's untidiness in check. System clean-up tools, like the whimsically named Crap Cleaner, can help, as can strict policies about installing and uninstalling software (a big source of Windows gunk). And when all else fails, don't be afraid to reach for the nuclear option: A clean install has a way of restoring that new-car smell to a Windows 7 system.

Surviving the 7 deadly sins
Don't lose hope! Lust and envy can be mitigated. Anger can be channeled, as can pride. Sloth and gluttony can be contained, while greed -- well, that's just a fact of life.

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