Rumor: Goldeneye 2010 in the Offing for Wii

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Goldeneye 007

Here's a pickle: Say you're an animator toiling away on the unannounced sequel to one of the most beloved games for the Nintendo 64. You did your job, and now you're looking for more work. You want to type more than just "animator responsible for animation" on your CV, however, so you do, except the title of the game happens to be GoldenEye 2010, and the platform you've been working on is the Nintendo Wii.

Some pickle.

The scenario above may--and I stress may--have just occurred, courtesy one Craig Peck, who apparently posted his CV on his website and listed himself as "Animator – GoldenEye 2010 (Wii)." Self-billed "information sleuthing" site Superannuation spotted the CV and raised the flag. (Don't bother clicking the original link, because the CV's AWOL.) Peck's site is still responding to queries, so it's either been taken down for traffic reasons, or dismantled for other [insert conspiracy theories here] ones.

Destructoid managed to snip the specific text before the site went dark:

Animator – GoldenEye 2010 (Wii)

Animator on Activision’s James Bond series for the Nintendo Wii assisting in: Key frame animation, the preparation and clean-up of motion capture data, prop animation, in-game cut-scene animation, scene layout, and camera animation.

Could it be the long rumored remake of GoldenEye 007? The latter's been snarled in legal limbo for years. GoldenEye 007 developer Rare currently belongs to Microsoft. Nintendo published the original (while parent to Rare) and presumably has a licensing stake in its relaunch. Activision has the PC, console, and handheld rights to the entire Bond franchise until 2014. There may even be licensing issues with the actors themselves (from the original film) whose likenesses appear in the original game.

Then there's the description in the CV itself. If it's a port, why the need for "preparation and clean-up of motion capture data"? Animating props? In-game cut-scenes? Layouts? Camera animation? Those sound more like the sort of activities associated with something worked from scratch, like a remake, or a new game. Then again, it could be CV-speak, where "volunteering at the local animal shelter" becomes "animal therapist," or "tending the neighbor's plants" morphs into "botanical administrator, local garden center."

Superannuation notes that Eurocom, the company Peck worked for this summer animating 'GoldenEye 2010', was involved in porting Treyarch's mediocre Quantum of Solace video game tie-in last year. Score one for port theories.

But do you want a GoldenEye 007 port? Rare's shooter debuted in 1997. It's famous for features deemed remarkable a decade ago, but which seem quaint and restrictive today. It's not a game like Mario, or Tetris, whose abstractions lend them longevity. It's a historical artifact, a game that belongs to another time.

My favorite bit from the Superannuation post: "Can't...we get over this improper canonization of the massively overrated Goldeneye...?"

Someone had to say it. And while we're saying it, as well the wildly overrated (or would that be over-appreciated?) Bond film franchise.

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