Windows 7: Made By A Lie

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People who believe the ads--that Windows 7 was "made by me"--will believe anything. So try this: Windows 7 was "made" by people who hated Windows Vista.

If you didn't buy Vista, you helped make Windows 7, Microsoft's new "anti-Vista" operating system that is, nevertheless, the next evolution of its much-despised predecessor.

Think of it that way, that massive customer rejection of Vista is what drove Windows 7 development, and "made my me" makes sense, sort of. Windows 7 was built to remove the most objectionable aspects of Windows Vista, clearly Microsoft's worst flop ever.

Forget the love fest that has surrounded the Windows 7 launch. This outpouring of affection sets a new low for affection. People love Windows 7 not so much for what it is so much as for what it isn't. Loving Windows 7 is a bit like the good feeling you receive when the beatings finally stop.

I agree with those who believe Windows 7 development was a closed, done deal early in the process. Microsoft seems not to have listened to much feedback once development was actually underway. A fair point can be made that it didn't need to, but that isn't the picture "made my me" portrays.

The Windows 7 beta process wasn't a real search for customer feedback so much a cleverly organized extended marketing test.

None of this makes Windows 7 a bad operating system. But, being better by comparison to Windows Vista hardly makes it a great one.

The world would have much more respect for Microsoft if it was honest in promoting Windows 7. We can take the truth, but can Microsoft?

David Coursey tweets as @techinciter and can be contacted via his Web page.

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