PC World Podcast 52: Moto Droid Invades, AT&T Sues Verizon, and BlueBeat Rips Off the Beatles

This week on the PC World Podcast, Hassle-Free PC blogger Rick Broida joins PC World editors Robert Strohmeyer, Tim Moynihan, and Mark Sullivan for a half-hour discussion of the week's biggest tech stories.

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First up, Robert Strohmeyer talks about his first impressions of the Motorola Droid and his early-morning purchase of the device from the Verizon store.

Mark Sullivan takes us inside the AT&T v. Verizon Wireless lawsuit and explains what's behind AT&T's complaint over Verizon's latest ads.

Then Tim Moynihan tells the bizarre story of BlueBeat, which is being sued by EMI Records over its unlicensed distribution of Beatles songs.

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