Hey, Microsoft: Please Stop Trying So Hard

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Maybe it's just me, but these days Microsoft seems to be trying as hard as possible to be cool. Obviously shaken up by the less-than-flattering image Apple's Get a Mac ads have given it, everything it does these days seems just contrived to draw attention to itself so it can say, "Hey look! We can be cool too!"

Look at the company's recent moves: everything it has done lately has been in response to Apple. Windows 7? Inspired by Mac OS X - even something some within Microsoft are prepared to admit. Microsoft Stores? Strangely Apple-like, their Geniuses are called "Answer desk experts." Even their commercials these days are direct responses to Apple branding.

But one thing you won't see Apple doing (or needing to do for that matter) is drawing attention to themselves, like the folks in Mission Viejo, Calif. seem intent on doing. I'm sorry, this is just bizarre. See for yourself.

This is why Apple succeeds where Microsoft fails: it doesn't need gimmicky schticks to sell its wares.

Personally I would have walked out when this started. I'm there to buy a computer, not see some sideshow.

Either you like it or you don't is Apple's way. It also inspires an aura of confidence in itself, that its products sell themselves without any need for pomp and circumstance. Its no coincidence that the most successful products are a little cocky in their advertising: the confidence is transferable to the consumer.

Microsoft seems not to have figured this all out yet. When it does, somebody please let me know.

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