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How-to videos have long been a staple of PC World's small screen offerings, providing tips, tricks and techniques to help our viewers master (or manhandle) their tech challenges. After you've watched one of our top 10 videos, hit the back button on your browser to come back to this page if you'd like to view more of our cinematic masterpieces.

1. How to Completely Erase a Hard Drive
Sometimes simply deleting files isn't good enough. In this how-to video segment, PC World explains a number of simple techniques for permanently and securely removing sensitive data from old drives before recycling or disposing of them.

2. How to Install Ubuntu on Any PC
Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer walks you through the steps needed to install Ubuntu--a popular Linux distribution and Windows competitor--on a PC. This fast, simple operating system runs well on limited system resources, boots quickly, and is very easy to operate.

3. How to Buy a Laptop
If you've ever shopped for a laptop, you know that size is only one of the factors that you have to consider. You should also examine everything from performance and storage options to keyboard quality. Consumer affairs correspondent Amber Bouman can help you find a laptop to suit your needs.

4. How to Install Windows 7 (Before Your OS Launch Party)
Microsoft begged us all to host Windows 7 launch parties to celebrate the intro of its newest operating system. Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer used the idea as a springboard to a visual how-to on installing Windows 7--with cake!

5. How to Improve Vista's Performance
If you're tired of Windows Vista's sluggish performance, follow these tips and techniques to speed up your operating system's responsiveness.

6. Disaster! How to Salvage a Wet Gadget
Ever dropped a cellphone in the sink, or your iPod in a swimming pool? PC World takes you through a few simple steps you can take to try to resuscitate soaked gadgets.

7. How to Resurrect a Crashed Hard Drive
Check out these tips, tricks, and utilities for recovering data from a crashed hard drive--whether it's been dropped, overheated, or simply worn out from old age. You can often resurrect your hard drive long enough to make copies of your critical files.

8. How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV
Ready to buy a new flatscreen TV? PC World's Amber Bouman provides some straightforward tips to help you navigate the hurdles that you'll encounter while shopping. Should you go plasma or LCD? What sort of inputs do you need? What kind of video will best test different TVs?

9. How to Solve Sluggish Internet Surfing
Does your Web browser seems to be acting up? Does surfing the Internet seem to take forever? If so, follow these simple tips and tricks to get Internet Explorer or Firefox back on track.

10. How to Fine Tune Your HDTV
Straight out of the box, your high-definition television might not be showing off its best picture quality. We show you how to tweak on-board color, brightness, and contrast settings and we point out a couple of tools for more precisely calibrating your screen.

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