SiteSpinner Pro Helps You Design Web Sites That Look Good on Mobile Devices

Building a Web site no longer needs to be an intimidating prospect. If you are willing to use templates and don't require lots of customization, all you need is one of the many very simple programs out there. In fact, the host server for your domain may have templates that work just fine. Problems can occur, however, when you want to make sure your site will look good not only on computers, but on mobile devices, such as a cell phone. SiteSpinner Pro ($99, 15-day free trial) is a comparatively easy-to-learn program for creating a nice-looking, customizable Website, which can also be ported to a mobile device version.

SiteSpinner Pro screenshot
SiteSpinner Pro is a drag-and-drop Website design program that creates sites for both computer and mobile device viewing, simultaneously.

When you click New Project to start designing your site, SiteSpinner Pro gives you the option of creating a single layout (for desktop or mobile) or a dual layout (for desktop and mobile). You can also change your layout choice at any time during the design process.

Then, unfortunately, SiteSpinner Pro presents you with a blank page, and little onscreen guidance. You'll need to check out the Help menu and its tutorials. The easy-to-follow tutorials should get you up and designing rather quickly, if you are good at following text-based instructions. SiteSpinner vendor Virtual Mechanics promises that they will have video tutorials shortly.

Though SiteSpinner Pro does have a few dozen templates, it is primarily a drag-and-drop interface, so you should have a pretty good idea of your site design before you start. Place an object (a photo, logo, text, shape, video file, forms element, menu button, etc.) onto your page. Then, edit its properties, including special effects, actions and animations.

If you chose to design using the dual layout option (mobile and desktop), as you create your pages, a right mouse click on an object will include or exclude it in either version, or simply synchronize both versions. You can preview your Web site on any browsers you have installed or on the included Opera browser.

SiteSpinner Pro is an intermediate program that does have something of a learning curve, but it doesn't require that you be a professional webmaster who eats and sleeps code. The ability to easily design for both computers and mobile devices, at one blow, is its most compelling feature and potentially the one reason it might be a must-have program for some users.

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