ScrapBook Saves Snippets From Your Firefox Surfing

Ever need some information you saw a while ago--and discover that's practically impossible to find now? You can save yourself some trouble in the future with this Firefox addon. The free ScrapBook saves a Web page--or part of a page--so that you can later review, search, and edit the saved information.

ScrapBook screenshot
Firefox addon ScrapBook grabs information from Web sites and saves it--so you'll have it even after the site changes.

After installing the addon into your Firefox browser, you'll see a new ScrapBook menu item with options for capturing one or more pages. You can save a full page, or you can select part of a page and right-click it to save just the selected portion.

A ScrapBook sidebar lists your saved pages and snippets much like bookmarks. You can search for specific text among all your saved pages. You can also edit items to add highlights and notes, or remove particular items.

If you do much Web research, especially on news sites or other pages prone to change, the easy-to-use ScrapBook would likely be a big help.

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