DIY USB Wall Outlet Preempts the Future

The life-giving artery to your smartphones, cameras, and other gadgets just got a lot more elegant with this DIY hack from instructables. If you're tired of unraveling proprietary AC adapters or turning on the computer just to charge an iPod, then perhaps this how-to guide will help keep the juice flowing to your gadgets smoothly.

Outlets of the Future aka in-wall USB Charger - More DIY How To Projects

The whole procedure should set you back about $10 and requires common parts such as two mini USB chargers, a wall outlet plate, and some epoxy glue. You will also need a careful eye to cut a couple USB-sized holes into the outlet plate and to re-do the wiring in the final step. The only real luxury in this project is the courage needed to rip open your wall and be an electrician for an afternoon.

This hack may not be up to building codes, but the reward for your troubles is the sense of seamless integration between living space and technology. Your gadgets will thank you!

[Instructables via Gizmodo]

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