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7. 20 Games That Changed Gaming Forever

If you thought World of Warcraft was a life-changing experience, you're not alone. "20 Games That Changed Gaming Forever," a syndicated slideshow from our sibling publisher GamePro, was our seventh-most-popular article of 2009, with more than 650,000 views. The slideshow details 20 of the most innovative games across all platforms. Dance Dance Revolution, Bioshock, Final Fantasy VII, Call of Duty 4, and Super Mario 64 all make the cut, as does World of Warcraft (of course). And the number-one most innovative game--the greatest of the greatest--according to GamePro? Doom!

6. World's Most Outrageous PC Cases

Since the creation of the first PC tower, people have been modifying ("modding") their computer cases to suit their aesthetic tastes. They are, in all likelihood, the same people who install neon lights under their cars and slap stickers all over their laptops--the same people who asked themselves, "Why should I settle for a boring black tower when I can have an adorable Wall-E sitting on my desk?" "World's Most Outrageous PC Cases," which received more than 700,000 hits, presents some impressive examples of beyond-the-pale case mods--in particular, the steampunked Mac Mini and the R2-D2. Still, the most vivid impression that these monuments to obsessive behavior may convey is of how much downtime their creators seem to have.

5. The 10 Dumbest Tech Products So Far

Have you ever taken a look at some wild gadget and wondered who, exactly, paid someone to make this crackpot invention into a reality? We most certainly have, as "The 10 Dumbest Tech Products So Far" attests. This slideshow, which drew almost 750,000 disbelieving views, presents a collection of tech products that will leave you wondering "What were they thinking?" An animated, singing trophy deer head; a USB finger dance mat capitalizing on the Dance Dance Revolution craze; a wacky keyboard with shortcuts for phrases like "BRB" and "CYA"?! Say hello to some of the craziest products ever to hit the market.

4. Best Products of CES 2009: Let Us Introduce You

The International Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in early January in Las Vegas, is where much of the year's hottest new technology--everything from products to rumors--is unveiled. So, it's no wonder that our readers gravitated toward "Best Products of CES 2009: Let Us Introduce You" (with over 750,000 views). Among the hot items announced were the Palm Pre, Boxee (an open-source program designed to stream Internet content to your television), and the Kodak Zx1, as well as a slew of other pocket HD camcorders to rival the Flip Mino HD.

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