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3. Facebook Pages We'd Like to See

Every now and then, PCWorld dispenses with the straight-arrow product assessments and how-to articles for which we're famous and indulges in a just-for-fun story. One such departure was "Facebook Pages We'd Like to See," which collected almost 800,000 page views; it displays fictionalized Facebook pages of an array of famous characters--from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to Hillary Clinton to Satan to Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. Though all of these pages are fictional, a few of the figures (not Satan) do have their own real Facebook pages.

2. Strangest Sights in Google Street Views

Since Google introduced its maps with "Street Views," people all over the world have been spotting strange and interesting sights (and demonstrating once again how much free time they do have). Of course, some people (829,891, to be exact) couldn't afford to spend hours scouring the virtual streets of Fuchu City, Japan, for unusual snapshots. So they read "Strangest Sights in Google Street Views," our second-most-popular article of 2009. In this article, you can see all sorts of crazy things, from a car covered in post-it notes to dinosaurs breaking out of a museum.

1. The Most Violent Video Games Ever Made

Well, it looks like video games are a hot topic among our readers--and what could make a hot topic even hotter? Gratuitous violence, of course! Our most popular 2009 article, with over 1 million hits, was "The Most Violent Video Games Ever Made." This gorefest samples 15 of the most violent video games ever to hit the shelves--"M for mature" ratings, bloody spatters, and creepy zombies abound. The list, assembled by PCWorld with help from the GamePro crew, includes Doom (again!), the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto franchise, and the unbelievably creepy, monster-ridden Silent Hill.

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