New Hack Gives You Droid Root Access

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The Motorola Droid has been rooted, according to Hack a Day, paving the way for wireless tethering, customized UIs, multitouch support, and other features not specifically endorsed by Verizon on the Android 2.0 platform. The hack was posted by Zinx Verituse on the AllDroid forums, adding the Droid to the ranks of other rooted smartphones.

Discussions about licensing agreements aside, what does it mean for you, the Verizon customer with a Droid? You can now get cute custom themes, the ability to have gesture support like pinch-to-zoom run locally without installing an app, and access to other features locked down by Verizon. Root access also means you could get tethering working before it is released next year--and without having to pay $30 a month.

Hack a day notes that the rooting process is relatively simple, involving upgrading the firmware via copying a file to the SD card. However, there are risks to getting root on your phone: don't hold us responsible if you void your warranty and your Droid is rendered a useless brick as a result of applying this hack.

Have you rooted your Droid yet? What apps are you running, and what do you see being the killer app for rooted Droids?

[AllDroid via Hack a Day]

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