Oops!Backup Is A Delightfully Easy Way to Back Up Data

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Plain, straightforward English--I love it. Especially when it's used in a program interface as it is with Oops!Backup ($37, 30-day free trial). This versioning, continuous-backup package is one of the more impressive I've run across, and not only because of the interface...though that's exceptional in most regards.

Oops!Backup screenshot
Oops!Backup is easy to use, yet offers plenty of options.

Oops!Backup keeps all versions of the files it backs up, and it does so using delta technology, meaning only the changes are saved. This reduces disk space requirements, often significantly. When you need to restore a file, you choose a time from which to restore, and your files as they existed at that point are restored. There's no fancy scrolling à la Apple's Time Machine, but it's still an elegant process.

Another major perk is that despite the delta methodology, the latest version of a file is always available for restore--even if you have the backup drive attached to another computer that doesn't have Oops!Backup installed on it.

While the Oops!Backup Interface is top-notch in most regards, and I enjoyed the language, there are a few oddities. For instance, you can restore all the files in a folder at once, and you can restore single files, but you can't CTRL click and select several individual files. Also, there's no local help file (though to be fair, you barely need one--and there's help online at the vendor's site).

My quibbles with this program are minor. I really liked the point-in-time restore function, and Oops!Backup performed flawlessly in my tests. It's well worth kicking its tires in your search for the perfect backup solution.

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