Get a Year of Carbonite Online Backup for $27.47

I'm a big believer in making online backups to complement my local backup solutions. That way, heaven forbid there's a fire or something, my data will live on in the cloud.

Alas, I've always been a little too cheap to pony up the $50-60 annual fee for a service like Carbonite or Mozy. But $27.47? That I can swing.

From now until December 31, you can save 50 percent on Carbonite's subscription plans. That means you can get one year for $27.47, two years for $49.97, or three years for $64.97 (definitely the best deal).

To take advantage of the offer, just sign up for a new account and use coupon code CUST50.

If you're not familiar with Carbonite, take a look at Jon L. Jacobi's recent review. He called it a "pretty darn good backup service," despite a bit of confusion during the setup process.

I've always been a Mozy man myself, relying on the free 2GB MozyHome account for just my most crucial data. But because I'd feel much safer having my photos, music, and other "big" stuff backed up, I'm giving serious consideration to the Carbonite deal.

After all, $64.97 for three years is only a five bucks more than I'd pay for one year of Mozy's unlimited service. That's hard to pass up!

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