The 20 Dumbest Questions on Yahoo Answers

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11. Cantaloupe Hunting

"I thought cantelope was an animal!? i always thought that a cantaloupe was that animal that has the horns and they live in Arizona and stuff, but i was shopping for groceries yesterday and i saw they had cantaloupe meat on sale. so i was like yeah sure i'll try it, but what i saw, wasn't a cantaloupe. it was some white and green fruit thing! whats up with this?"

The store is guilty of mislabeling. The term it was looking for is "jackalope"--which is a cross between a jackfruit and a manila envelope.

12. Hey, Babby

"How is babby formed????? how girl get pragnent?"

On the one hand, I kind of hope you never figure it out. On the other, maybe your parents don't know either--and it obviously didn't stop them.

13. An Academic Inquiry

"Why are there school? is a point to it?"

There are school so you can learn how is babby formed, silly.

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14. Canine Law

"Is it illegal to name a dog after a movie?"

Only if that movie is Air Bud 2. As a practical matter, though, you might want to avoid calling out to your pooch on a crowded bus if you decide to name it "Bang Bang You're Dead" or "I'm Going to Explode."

15. Lost in Space

"What is the best place to ask questions online? i mean, or there any QA forums like on yahoo or anything?"

Hmm...a forum-like place to ask questions on Yahoo. Nope, haven't heard of anything like that. But if you find something, be sure to let us know.

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16. Mathematical Matters

"Is there any possible way of making 2+2=5?"

The easiest way is to flip the positions of 4 and 5 on the number line. Another method is to use LSD (Least Sequential Denominators).

17. Sandwich Sensations

"Is it possible to feel like a sandwich?"

Sure. It's called LSD (Lettuce, Succotash, and Dill-pickle). It feels, like, weird...

18. About Those Drugs...

"How do you ask a question on yahoo answers?"

Hey, don't ask me. I'm still trying to find out if there's a forum-like place to pose questions there. Anyone? Anyone?

19. Spelling 101

"How do you spell government?"

Most of the time.

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20. Turtle Trouble

"I was bitten by a turtle when i was a young lad, can i still drink orange juice?"

This is why old lads should be barred from Yahoo Answers. Seriously--where do they come up with this stuff?

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