Need a 24GB Memory Kit? That'll Be $1300, Please

If you're currently looking to build the ultimate PC, memory vendor Corsair may have just what you are looking for. The company revealed a new RAM kit this week, that not only packs an impressive yet slightly inessential-for-most-users 24GB of memory, but also packs a major punch to your wallet, costing a massive $1,300.

The 24GB beast is designed for the latest Core i7 Bloomfield processors and is comprised of six 4GB DDR3 modules. Not only does this pricey enthusiast kit come with a fetching blue heatsink, but you also get a 60mm airflow fan in addition to a lifetime warranty. Sold yet?

The DDR tri-channel kit, dubbed the Dominator, is available now from Corsair's official Web site. Corsair's John Beekley detailed that the Dominator kit is perfect for "high-performance computing applications, including computational research, HD digital content creation, working with multiple virtual machines, and other data-intensive applications." For the rest of us, of course, this much memory and this high a cost is totally excessive.

[Via SlipperyBrick]

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