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The 10 Worst Video Game Systems of All Time

Worst Video Game Systems of All Time
Many people have fond memories of the Nintendo Famicom, the Super NES, and the Sony PlayStation. But do you remember the Apple Pippin, the Nokia N-Gage, and the Mattel Hyperscan? Of course you don't--because they sucked. At least, they sucked enough to make our list of the 10 worst video game systems of all time. This slideshow takes you back through the ranks of overpriced, underpowered, and confused multitasking game consoles that, needless to say, didn't make it very far in the market.

Ye Olde Vintage Computer Gift Guide

Vintage Computer Gift Guide
Yes, it might seem a little late to highlight a gift guide, considering the holidays are almost over. However, smart shoppers know that the best time to get Christmas presents is right after Christmas--and this slideshow is for smart shoppers. Think your budget limits you to getting a netbook (and a subsidized one, at that)? Think again! You can have a full system (albeit a used one) for under $100, and look retro-chic. Just check out one of these babies--"Ye Olde Vintage Computer Gift Guide" goes through several of the classic computer systems and details some of the deals we found, including a working IBM PC 5150 for $100 to $150, a working Macintosh SE (with mouse, keyboard, and power cable) for $20, and a working Atari 800XL for just $15.

Inside the Atari 800

Inside the Atari 800
The Atari 800 debuted 40 years ago, with a price tag of $1000 and a whopping 8 kilobytes of RAM. Many modern-day computer programmers remember learning BASIC and playing awesome games (such as Super Breakout and M.U.L.E.) on this 8-bit wonder. In this "gadget autopsy" slideshow, Benj Edwards tears apart the system to see what its guts look like. You'll learn some interesting things about the Atari 800--for instance, its encasing includes a 2mm-thick "radio frequency" shield, which protects the machine from unwanted radio interference.

The Five Most Important Mac Laptops

Most Important Mac Laptops
The Mac Portable may have turned 20 this year, but it was by no means one of the most important Mac laptops (if it could even be called a "laptop"). This article looks at how Apple got from the PowerBook 100 to the MacBook Pro, as well as at the three influential Mac laptops in between, the PowerBook 520, the iBook, and the PowerBook G4. You'll also see that, aside from the pricey Mac Portable (which sold for $6500 in its day, or $11,300 in 2009 dollars), Mac laptops have stayed within the same basic price range (the PowerBook 100 was about $2500, and the MacBook Pro tops off at about $2500).

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