The Most Hated PCWorld Articles of 2009

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We'll go ahead and admit it: Sometimes we at PCWorld write articles that are not universally loved. In fact, some of our stories are downright despised.

For your reading pleasure, we rounded up the ten most detested stories of 2009--as determined by the number of thumbs-ups minus the number of thumbs-downs, as of this writing--and analyzed them. Why did people hate these articles? Are there any topics we should avoid (or, perhaps, stray toward) in the future?

We found nothing earth-shattering: A lot of passionate debate stems from the neverending Apple-Windows-Linux tussle.

Here are the most hated PCWorld stories of 2009, starting with number ten.

10. Rumored Apple Tablet Is a Train Wreck

Apple Tablet
It probably doesn't surprise you that we start our list with a story about Apple--or, in this case, Apple-bashing. The Apple tablet rumors have been out en masse over the past year, with analysts settling on "late 2010" as a launch date. One of our bloggers decided to take the rumors and run with them, concluding that the mythical Apple tablet would probably be a "train wreck." Readers took the story hard (giving it a score of -448), wondering how he could declare a rumored and unannounced product a train wreck. Well, if there's one thing we did learn from this story, it's that Apple fans are awfully protective of rumored and unannounced products.

9. Apple's iPhone and iPod Monopolies Must Go

App Store
Rolling in with a score of -487, PCWorld's ninth-most-hated article of 2009 is also about Apple. This time, however, the idea is not so much to slam our favorite Cupertino-based company as it is to ask the question: Is the Apple iPod/iPhone/iTunes monopoly, well, a monopoly? Is it time for the App Store to start having some competition, whether Apple likes it or not? According to our readers, this idea sounds a lot like socialism.

8. Windows 7 Will Never Outshine Vista

Windows 7 and Windows Vista
All right, the headline is just a little bit sensational (and deceptive). This is not a story about how Windows 7 is a much worse operating system than the ultimate fail that was Vista. Rather, this article (which garnered a score of -529) discusses how Vista represents the "zenith of big-feature, Windows-only desktop computing" and thus changed the world (because people suddenly realized that they had other options--like Linux and Mac OS). As commenter quadibloc put it: "To say that Vista shines brightly, because it had problems with created market opportunities for the Macintosh and Linux ... involves using an unusual meaning for the term."

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