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Worried that you may have a system problem, and want to put your PC through its paces to find potential issues? Then CheckIt Diagnostics ($50, buy-only) might be for you. Unlike most other system analyzers, it doesn't just report to you what's underneath the hood--it actually performs diagnostics, like a car mechanic, to see whether you have any underlying hardware woes.

CheckIt Diagnostics screenshot
CheckIt Diagnostics does a thorough job of testing your system to see if your PC has any hardware problems.

CheckIt Diagnostics does a comprehensive job of looking for system problems. It performs in-depth tests of your RAM, hard disk, network hardware and setup, USB ports, printers and other attached devices, display...pretty much any piece of hardware on your system. It also checks your software setup, to see if there are any problems as well. You don't need to do anything beyond clicking a button or two to set the program to work. Keep in mind, though, that while it does its testing, you can't use your PC; using the PC while it's undergoing tests might create inaccurate results. Typically, tests don't take more than five or ten minutes.

Who should buy this program? If you think you already have hardware woes, it's cheaper than bringing your PC to a technician. Keep in mind, though, that it doesn't fix problems; it only uncovers them. And if you don't have hardware problems, it may not be worth buying CheckIt Diagnostics, unless you're looking to uncover potential problems before you notice them.

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