iPhone or BlackBerry: Which Is Better for Business?

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Artwork: Chip Taylor
The Blackberry has been the smartphone of choice in the enterprise for some time, and for good reason. It mastered the most important business app, e-mail, and comes with all the controls IT requires. But enter the iPhone, stage right. A slick device that everyone craves and the dev world is smothering with new apps. So the question is, what ultimately wins in the enterprise? Arguing for the the BlackBerry: Brian Reed, CMO and VP Products, BoxTone, and on the iPhone side Chuck Goldman, CEO Apperian.

What do you think?

It takes a Village of Third-Party Vendors to Catch the BlackBerry

By Brian Reed, CMO and VP Products at BoxTone

With about 36 million BlackBerry devices in use globally, half of which are enterprise-connected, BlackBerry has about a 17 million to 18 million device lead on the iPhone in the enterprise. Hundreds of organizations around the world have 5,000 or more BlackBerry devices, and a few run more than 50,000. In the past decade, BlackBerry has set the standard for enterprise-grade, reliable and secure mobility.

Sounds like we have the winner -- already.

With that said, customers still want choice, and that means the enterprise mobility door is open just enough for other players to push through and perhaps gain share. But if the well worn history of enterprise technology adoption is any indication, winning on a global scale isn't a walk in the park, and typically requires three things: Meet the needs of the enterprise IT organization; meet the needs of the enterprise user; be easy to do business with.

So to see why BlackBerry is the ultimate winner in the enterprise, let's take a closer look at where each stands in these categories.

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