Product Roundup: 10 Start-ups to Watch

See the technology from some of IT's most promising start-ups.

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Virtualization, the cloud, security, mobile devices, network management and green technology are targeted by these innovative IT vendors.

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Product: CloudSwitch

Key features: Moves existing applications from internal data centers to public clouds, without requiring applications to be rewritten or management tools to be changed.

Price: Unannounced (product still in beta) by CloudSwitch


Product: Web Anti-Malware (WAM)

Key features: Web security service designed to identify legitimate Web sites infected by malicious code. Uses Web crawlers and heuristics to automatically detect code that cyber-criminals have loaded onto legitimate Web sites in order to download malware or push visitors to fraudulent sites.

Price: Starts at $50 per month

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Eucalyptus Systems

Product: Eucalyptus (Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems)

Key features: Open source software that aggregates servers, storage and network infrastructure into private clouds that allow end-user customization and self-service provisioning. Compatibility with the Amazon Web Services infrastructure enables "hybrid clouds" consisting of internal and external data center resources.

Price: Free for open source version

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Product: HyTrust Appliance

Key features: Virtualization security tool that provides a centralized point of control for virtual infrastructure access, policy management, security configuration, and compliance.

Price: Starts at $3,000 for virtual appliance plus $500 per CPU socket.

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Product: Roambi

Key features: Takes business intelligence data and converts it into interactive visualizations for the iPhone, with bar graphs and interactive pie charts that take advantage of the iPhone's touch capabilities.

Price: About $100 per user per year for hosted version. Server-based option starts at $10,000 per server.

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Product: Virtual Smartphone Platform

Key features: Smartphone management platform that provides IT visibility into mobile devices and their data by creating and storing phone clones; helps enterprises identify spikes in usage and thus control costs; allows IT to remotely wipe sensitive data without deleting a user's personal applications.

Price: Starts at $75 per seat

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Vineyard Networks

Product: NetCore On Demand

Key features: Software-as-a-service network management tool makes it easy to troubleshoot problems and monitor network usage performance, even for customers who lack a networking background.

Price: Ranges between $150 and $1,500 per month

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Viridity Software

Product: Viridity

Key features: Targets energy use by mapping the connections between applications and specific IT equipment. Viridity provides step-by-step recommendations to eliminate power and cooling inefficiencies, simulates the potential impact of new technology deployments and enables chargeback.

Price: Will range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of deployment.

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Product: Distributed Desktop Virtualization

Key features: Virtual desktop software that targets mobile and remote desktops provides centralized management by storing a primary copy of an operating system image in the data center, while storing a cached copy on endpoints to boost performance and provide offline desktop use.

Price: Unannounced (product still in beta)

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Product: Enterprise Cloud Storage

Key features: A cloud storage service backed by a file system with snapshots, replication and other enterprise-class features. Zetta encrypts data at rest, and can withstand multiple hardware and network failures without losing data.

Price: Starts at $256 for the first terabyte, per gigabyte pricing thereafter

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