iBuyPower Plans Multi-Touch Gaming Laptops

Touch technology is a godsend on our phones and tablets, but can it do anything innovative for gaming? Boutique PC vendor, iBuyPower, is betting so with the announcement of its new 15-inch Battalion Touch CZ-10 multi-touch gaming notebook--the first in a new series from the company.

No other specs were announced, but given that this is iBuyPower we're talking about, you can expect a hefty amount of high-end hardware options. And if you don't think 15-inches will cut it, we're told the other notebooks in the series will have bigger, heftier screens later this year.

But here's the thing: touch support for games isn't quite there yet and it may not even be suitable for all genres. The upcoming RTS R.u.S.E. from Ubisoft will support a multi-touch interface, but there is currently no barometer for what makes a good, touchable game on a screen bigger than say, the iPhone.

What's the proper balance between screen size and resolution? Will our fingers be precise (and fast enough) to make games fun? Will LAN-party pizza make this gameplay choice a liability? These are all questions yet to be answered by gamers, game developers, and hardware makers.

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