Amazon's Kindle DX Goes Global

The e-book reader news keeps coming at CES (and is likely to continue to do so). The latest announcement is from Amazon: They're replacing their $489 Kindle DX (the oversize model with the 9.7-inch e-Ink screen) with a version that can wirelessly download content outside the US--for the same $489.

The Kindle DX with Global Wireless won't arrive until January 19, but you can already pre-order it from Amazon--which no longer offers the US-only version in the Kindle store.

The Kindle DX with Global Wireless follows in the footsteps of the smaller, 6-inch Kindle with global wireless support , which arrived in October and is now the only model available in that size. It originally cost $279, compared to $259 for the US-only version, but the price has since gone down to $259.

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