Ready for a High-Def Nintendo DS with Motion Sensor?

Satoru Iwata

If 256 by 192 lines of resolution make you squint to sort fingers from hands or eyes from eyebrows in 3D games, imagine a version of the Nintendo DS with twice or more per screen.

No one's talking tech specs yet, but in an interview with Japanese news portal, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says a new DS is in the works that'll boost the handheld's visual verticals and horizontals appreciably.

According to Asahi, Iwata confirmed the DS is being developed in-house and will include both a high-definition video display as well as a motion sensor. Yep, a motion sensor. While accelerometer tech hasn't worked out so well for Sony's PS3 (the SIXAXIS gamepad, that is) it's pretty popular with Apple's iPhone, and I'm talking everything from games like Super Monkey Ball to "tilt" scrolling to carpentry tools.

Available when? Iwata understandably wouldn't comment, instead noting that the DS is experiencing record sales in the US.

Translation: Not soon.

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