Defriended Lets You Track Defrienders on Facebook

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Facebook is pretty good at notifying and keeping you updated with recently added friends, which is important considering most heavy Facebook users have hundreds of Facebook friends. But what happens when someone "defriends" you? Social networking sites traditionally shy away from posting defriending notifications in order to lessen the potential hurt feelings and drama that could ensue, and Facebook is no exception. Thus, the only indication of a defriending occurrence is a smaller "total friends" number on your profile, leaving it up to you to find which one of your fickle so-called "friends" has dropped you like a bad habit.

Defriended, by i-Doodz, solves this dilemma quite elegantly. A simple iPhone app that scans your Facebook friends list each time you run it and compares it with the last scan, Defriended> lets you quickly discover which one of your acquaintances no longer deems you friend-worthy. i-Doodz also claims that its next update will allow you to make your defriend/defriender activities "a little more public."

Priced at $1, this app may be worth the download to those just dying to know who is behind their deflated friend count.

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