This Week in Geek: 3D HDTV, Music Gadgetry, and A Bright Networking Idea

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Here at GeekTech, we're all about trying new and exciting things, so we're trying a new weekly feature called This Week in Geek, where we round up our favorite blog posts from the past seven days. Liked a post that didn't makes its way into the collection? Let us know in the comment section below!

Misa Digital Guitar Makes Your Rock Band Peripherals Feel Inadequate

Ready to rock out with an awesome electric guitar? Rather than a traditional pickup area, the Misa Digital Guitar has a 8.4-inch LCD touchpad, as well as 144 “keycap” sensors instead of strings on the neck to ensure high-quality shredding. Read on...

Windows 7 Hack: Playing with "GodMode"

Yes, Microsoft calls it GodMode and it's every Windows tweaker's dream. Create a specially-named folder in Windows Vista or 7 and you'll be granted access to display options, backup/recovery, power management and more. Read on...

Data at the Speed of Light? LED Wireless Networking Project Reaches WiFi-Crushing Speeds

Are your local radio waves clogged with signals from your phone, your microwave, and your neighbor's RFID reader? A new project from Siemens uses white LEDs to transmit wireless signals---and it's fast, with speeds of up to 500MBps, completing obliterating current WiFi standards. Read on...

Geek 101: Getting Behind the Scenes With 3D HDTV

Here's a review of 3D HDTV technologies, covering the latest consumer TVs that let you see images in 3D and what sort of new cabling you'll need to be blown away by images coming out of your screen. What sort of TV to get? Options range from ones that require polarized glasses with shutters, to new TVs that require no special eyewear to see images in 3D. Read on...

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