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Photo: Melissa J. Perenson, PC World
Photo: Melissa J. Perenson, PC World

This week's big story, of course, was the iPad, the mythical new Apple product that's become reality, and has stirred lively debate on its pros and cons, and where it fits into the tech landscape. But what else made waves this week? Let's have a look.

State of the Tablet: Why Touch-based PCs Haven't Caught On

There are many reasons why tablet PCs have yet to take the world by storm. The lead-up to the iPad launch got us to thinking, what has held the tablet PC back so far? Can Apple fix some of the mistakes made? And if so, how could they do it? Read on...

Recycling for Nerds: External Drives Give VHS Tapes New Life

Do you have a bunch of old VHS tapes at home that you'll never watch again and aren't sure what to do with? One online vendor has repurposed VHS tapes as external hard drive enclosures. Is it practical? Maybe not, but it's way more fun than sticking a boring gray box on your desk. Read on...

Pressure Sensitive Touchscreens Are Coming, Powered by Quantum Mechanics

Whether they're used for tablets, phones, or more typical PCs, touchscreens are all the rage. One company is working on technology that could add a new dimension to how touchscreens are used. By using some quantum mechanics tricks, UK company Peratech has been able to develop touchscreens that can detect how much pressure you apply to the screen. iPad 2.0, anyone? Read on...

Meet Plen, the Android-controlled Android

Owning a toy android? That's nerdy. Owning a toy android that you can control from your Android phone? That's really nerdy. Plen is exactly that. Instead of using a remote, you control it using an included Android phone app. Read on...

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