Move Paragraphs in Word Using Only Your Keyboard

Every time I think I've mastered all the coolest keyboard shortcuts, along comes another one that somehow flew below my radar.

For example, like many folks, I spend a considerable amount of time in Microsoft Word. And I thought I knew all the best shortcuts, like using the Home and End keys to jump my cursor around a document, and, of course, the venerable cut/copy/paste commands.

But here's one more great pair of shortcuts for folks who prefer to keep their fingers on their keys and off their mouse: Alt-Shift-Up Arrow and Alt-Shift-Down Arrow.

When you place your cursor anywhere inside a paragraph and press either key combination, that paragraph jumps up or down, effectively switching places with the paragraph above or below it.

Neat, huh? I can't take credit for this one: My buddy Dave is the one who clued me in.

As always, if you have any cool keyboard shortcuts of your own to share, please do.

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