This Week in Geek: Killer Case Mods, Shape-shifting Gadgets, and Odd Speakers

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This week saw the Flash battle rage on, a new iPhone firmware released, and Facebook received a redesign. But what went down in the world of geek? Let's take a look, in our weekly geek round-up.

DIY: Two Funnels + Earbuds + Old Tech = Rock On

We liked the new book, 62 Projects to Make With a Dead Computer, so much that we decided to actually make one of the projects. In this case, we made a set of speakers out of disused iPod earbuds, a couple funnels, and some dead MP3 players. Read on...

Want an iPad Now? Build Your Own With Lego

One intrepid adult Lego enthusiast wanted to get a idea of how the iPad would feel in your hand, so he built one out of Lego bricks. The Lego iPad doesn't do anything, but it sure looks cool. See what the maker had to say about it. Read on...

Will Your Next Smartphone Shape-shift? One Researcher Presents His Ideas

PhD student Fabian Hemmert recently presented an amazing way to design portable gadgets. His TED conference talk in Berlin revealed a prototype which saw "living" shapeshifting technology. Read on...

Hack Brings Mac OS X To The Nokia N900

If you have ever wanted Apple's Mac OS X in the palms of your hands, then one Finnish hacker has aimed to satisfy your desire. Toni Nikkanen became the first person to successfully get Mac OS X running on a cell phone, although the result is painfully slow. Want to see it in action? Read on...

The Case Mod That Will (Try To) Kill You

A decent PC case mod is always bound to draw attention, but this God Of War themed gaming rig really does raise the bar. One devoted modder has created a highly detailed Kratos case, with chains, blood and sword included. Check it out...

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