StarCraft 2 Closed Beta Kicks Off This Month

StarCraft 2

After months of StarCraft II beta delays, it sounds like Blizzard's just about ready to let testers deploy dozens of futuristic units across neon blue and purple maps. In an earnings call yesterday, Activision Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaine revealed its much anticipated sci-fi real-time strategy sequel was "slated to be in closed beta testing later this month."

Morhaine added that the beta test would occur "on a global scale" and include "thousands of testers in North America, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand."

StarCraft II's beta phase was due to launch last summer but the test never materialized and many assumed the game was having development issues and would miss its estimated holiday 2009 launch window. Sure enough, in August the company announced the game would be delayed until 2010.

Haven't signed up yet? You still can, by scanning Blizzard's beta FAQ and signing up for a account.

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