CinemaDrape Strategically Covers Parts of Your Desktop

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CinemaDrape (free) is a desktop utility that some people may find useful if they want to isolate a single area on their screens so they are not distracted by other windows. Most people, though, will find this program confusing to use--and of little use.

CinemaDrape screenshot
CinemaDrape lets you black out sections of your screen that you don't want to see.

Run the program, and essentially isolates your current window, making everything else on your screen black. You can change the size of CinemaDrape's area of focus, so that you can, for example, display only certain portions of a Web page, blacking out the section that shows ads.

You can use the program's options to make other sections of your screen opaque rather than black. CinemaDrape springs into action when you press Ctrl-F12 or run it from the Start menu, To customize how the program works, right-click on the black part of your screen to bring up options. To exit the program, press the Escape key or select Quit from the menu. Note that right after you install CinemaDrape and exit the startup program, it will automatically run without you realizing it, so you at first may be confused about what is happening to your system.

Who might want to use CinemaDrape? People who are easily distracted by having too many windows open, or those who want to focus on a specific section of a Web page, such as a video. But for anyone else, there's no point to downloading this program.

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