GridMove Neatens Up Your Desktop--Even Across Multiple Monitors

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Now that high-resolution LCD monitors and laptop screens are the norm, you don't want to waste all your pixels by putting one program full screen. If you're any type of multitasker, you can save a lot of ALT+TABs by viewing multiple windows at once. Resizing windows by hand can be tedious, and Windows's built-in features are basic and clunky, so GridMove's smoother handling of windows is incredibly helpful. With just a few clicks or hotkeys, this free/donationware utility will resize and move windows to fit a customizable grid.

GridMove screenshot
GridMove's "3-Part" template allows you to view three windows at once.

GridMove offers four ways to move a window into the grid. You can middle-click the window, drag it to the edge of the screen, click the left part of the title bar, or use hotkeys mapped to the Windows key. All of these trigger a grid overlay with numbered rectangular sections. Just click any section and GridMove will snap the window perfectly into it. It works for almost every program, except for some non-traditional windows such as Winamp, and ironically GridMove's own help window.

The layout of the grid is based on templates, and GridMove includes a nice range. In addition to simple three- or four-window arrangements, there are grids with adjustable-sized cells which can accommodate more intricate designs. The default "3-Part" template divides the screen into one large central window and two smaller windows spanning the left side. I used this setup to surf the Web, monitor my BitTorrent client, and watch a small streaming video at the same time. Most templates work for multiple-monitor setups as well. GridMove even allows you to create your own templates, but there is no visual editor. Coding the templates in plaintext is not easy, but shouldn't be too difficult for anyone with HTML experience.

GridMove does have a learning curve--especially for its more advanced features such as keyboard shortcuts. I highly recommend reading through the short help file, as there are many tricks there that most of us would be unlikely to pick up through intuition. But once you're familiar with GridMove, you'll find it's a robust program that will arrange and align your windows in seconds.

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