Add Extra Rows to Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar

Everyone has their preferred method for keeping their favorite sites close at hand. Me, I take advantage of Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar, which provides one-click, at-a-glance access to around 20 favorites.

Just one problem: Any favorites that won't fit the width of my screen get dumped into a pull-down menu that appears at the far end of the toolbar--rendering them much less easily accessible.

Enter Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar, a head-smackingly obvious Firefox extension that lets you add extra rows to the Bookmarks Toolbar--thus putting more of your favorites close at hand. Take a look:

You can add as many extra rows as you like, but I was happy enough with just a second one. (More than three and things start to look awfully cluttered.)

What's more, you can scroll through your remaining bookmarks, instead of having to drill into that pull-down menu (which, in case you're wondering, no longer appears when MBT is active).

Bottom line: If you rely on the Bookmarks Toolbar, Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar might just be your new favorite Firefox extension. It's definitely one of mine.

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