The Best of Google Buzz

People saying stupid things on the Internet is hardly news. Thanks to Google Buzz, however, we know exactly when--and where--it's happening.

The Best of Google Buzz

When Google Buzz debuted a few weeks ago, people thought that it could be an excellent social aggregator and a Twitter-killer. Buzz's true strength, however, lies in its comic potential. Everything that runs through a Buzzer's mind--from the inane to the incomprehensible--gets funnier when it's attached to their first name, last name, and current location. Here are a few examples, courtesy of Your Brain On Buzz, a blog I started with a few friends to give these buzzes the (affectionately mocking) attention they deserve.

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Way to Prove Her Point

Awfully pessimistic indeed--but correct, apparently. "Google Stalking 2.0" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

I Happen to Know a Guy

On one hand, the whole Internet now knows his psychiatric history and insurance status. On the other hand, maybe one of his neighbors can hook him up.

Photographic Evidence

Weird: a guy with his hand down his pants on public transit. Weirder: taking a picture of it and putting it on Google.

Probably a Good Thing

Live-buzzing open-heart surgery (complete with step-by-step pictures) probably isn't what Danny's looking for--unless the surgeon is good enough to do it one-handed.

We Care About Your Opinion, Honest

This would probably be worth reporting to HR, if HR weren't getting an early start on the weekend.

At Least She Can Admit It

Even when Erin wins, she loses.

Driving While Buzzed

First, you probably shouldn't buzz this kind of thing publicly. Second, nice pic. Third, you're not on the freeway.

Mine Is 'Finding Stupid Buzzes'

Now that I know where your dog is, "Jax rox ur sox off," I might have to give that a shot.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Though it's unclear which side of the bars John is sitting on, watching Mexican soap operas at a police station seems like a waste of taxpayer funds.

Easily Amused

Stephen actually followed up on this buzz by blogging all six days of jury duty. Really.


Once Jehovah's Witnesses go door-to-door with smartphones, we're all doomed.

Watch Out!

Believe it or not, Bill, 2012 was showing in theaters worldwide, not just in Richfield, Minnesota.

Temptation, Thy Name Is Nick

If Nick really cared about how Chauncey's studying was going, he probably wouldn't be buzzing him from a bar. Worst friend ever.

Want to see more buzzing gone wrong? Stop by Your Brain On Buzz.

For more on Google Buzz, see:

* Google Buzz: Then and Now

* Google Buzz: 10 Changes I'd Like to See

* How to Use Google Buzz

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