Find Cheaper Deals on Books with Book Burro

As a self-proclaimed cheapskate, I always, always look for the best possible deal. And that means before I order a book from, say, Amazon, I spend time perusing other sites (as well as price-comparison services) in search of a lower price.

Book Burro is a Firefox add-on that takes the hassle out of looking for better deals on books.

After installing it (and restarting Firefox, natch), just head to Amazon,, or a similar store and find the listing page for the book you want. Then click the Book Burro button that appears in the upper-left corner.

In a matter of seconds you'll see the prices from half a dozen other stores, including Abebooks, Amazon Marketplace, and Take a look:

Venture into Book Burro's settings (by clicking the little wrench icon on its toolbar) and you'll see the option to add even more stores: Barnes & Noble, PaperBackSwap, and so on.

Even cooler, Book Burro can check to see if your local library has the book, though I'm not quite sure how to interpret its "true/false" results. If an item comes up "false," does that mean it's checked out, or that it's not in the library's catalog? I'm guessing the former; if anyone knows for sure, hit the comments and let me know.

Even with that bit of confusion, Book Burro is a must-have add-on for Firefox-using book lovers. (Note: It's also compatible with Flock.)

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