CeBIT 2010: Mega Tech Show, Day One

CeBIT is Europe’s biggest tech confab running from March 2 to 6. Here is a look at some of the first products and sights from the show floor.

Europe's Top Tech Expo Kicks Off

Never heard of CeBIT? For the past decade, CeBIT has been Europe’s premier tech expo held each year in Hanover, Germany, featuring the latest in cutting-edge computer technology. This year, despite a comparatively low turnout of 300,000 attendees (CES 2010 had 120,000 attendees) there is no shortage of tech. Inside just some of the 20 CeBIT expo halls are pavilions dedicated to green technology, open source developments, and an OS X pavilion designed to take advantage of interest in the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Here is a look at some of the notebooks, e-readers, and technology making a splash just as CeBIT 2010 is getting started.

– Tom Spring, PCWorld

Asus Netbooks

Asus, which seems to have a new netbook every month, is showing three new ones this week at CeBIT. Pictured here are the Eee PC Prime 1018P (white notebook), Eee PC Diary 1016 (black), and the Eee PC Seashell (P005).

For more information on these notebooks see Asus Debuts Slimmer, Trimmer Netbooks.

– Yardena Arar, PCWorld

Google Street View Mobile

Here at CeBIT, Google was displaying its Google Street View mobile. The company says it wants to offer Google Street Views in Germany in 2010 while at the same time respecting privacy.

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Intel Convertible Classmate Netbook

Intel on Tuesday introduced its new Convertible Classmate netbook design, which includes slate-like features for users to read electronic books, surf the Web or take notes.

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Mio Move Navigation Device

Mio has equipped its latest navigation device, the Moov V780, with a 7-inch touchscreen, support for HD playback and the option to integrate support for WiMax. The Windows CE-based Moov V780 is about 14 millimeters thick and weighs 445 grams.

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Micro-Star International Touchscreen PC

Micro-Star International (MSI) plans to unveil a new all-in-one PC with a 24-inch touchscreen at the CeBIT electronics show next week, designed for 3D games or movies such as Avatar.

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Ed Hardy Gadget Cases

Booth model at CeBIT models the Ed Hardy gadget cases.

Nokia Cseries Smartphone

The first of Nokia's Cseries handset comes with integrated support for Facebook in the address book, and support for e-mail and instant messaging. The Symbian-based smartphone will start shipping in the second quarter of 2010 and cost $180.

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Flash Fun!

Funny USB flash drives at CeBIT 2010.

Asus E-Reader

Asus may be coming late to the e-reader party, but it's definitely thinking big. On display at CeBIT this week is the Asus DR-900, a device that an Asus rep says will compete with the Amazon Kindle DX, "but with more features."

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– Yardena Arar, PCWorld

3D Rules at CeBIT

HDTVs capable of displaying 3D images are being shown on the CeBIT show floor, and MSI says it will launch a touchscreen 3D all-in-one PC in June. Here are some of the attendees sporting cheap cardboard 3D glasses.

Blog, Enjoy, Relax...

Celebrity bloggers, fearful that their online fame might pass unnoticed in the real world, can rest easy in this lounge-on-a-podium sponsored by SAP, Microsoft, Fujitsu and Deutsche Telekom, whose booths it sits between. The lounge has sofas, Wi-Fi and a pulsating sign that alternates between psychedelic patterns and the invitation to "Blog, enjoy, relax." So if you see someone sitting there with a laptop, you know they're not just checking their mail.

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