10 Gadgets for the Ultimate Geek

From a virtual big-screen TV to a toaster that's also a printer, here are the gadgets you're embarrassed to admit you actually want.

Some gadgets have geek appeal

Most of us love gadgets. But there is a certain eye popping reaction when we find a gadget that speaks to our technological selves. Maybe it requires a combination of computer know-how and humor. Maybe it offers a clever intersection of science and fantasy. Maybe it uses our favorite portable device in an interesting way. Owning such devices would surely be the subject of teasing from those who deny their inner geek, but it would also be the cause of more than a little envy.

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A 48-inch TV Geordi La Forge style

If you don't mind looking like Star Trek's Geordi La Forge, a pair of virtual television glasses are for you. With these glasses, you can watch movies and play console games. There are several manufacturers. China-based Teleplus Electronics offers one which sells for around $120. It also offers an 80-inch screen model which will set you back and additional $100. Brookstone's iDesign Digital Video Glasses serve up a 50-inch screen for use with the iPhone or iPod and will set you back about $150.

Laser Guided Missile Launcher

The USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher will take office cube warfare to its proper, technology-enabled level. It offers the ability to control any number of missile launchers limited only by your system memory and number of USB ports -- all with laser pinpoint accuracy. 3-D software also features sounds effects (requires Windows).

A geeky James Bond

When your inner geek meets your inner James Bond, both can be satisfied with the ID Card Pin-hole Color Video Recorder. Although it looks like the kind of harmless ID badge holder needed for entry into, say, the data center, it's not. It holds a portable color video recorder that can be used as a mini DVR and a photo camera, all in the size of a credit card. Useful for recognizance missions when planning office warfare counter attacks.

Print me up another piece of toast, please

This is a toaster that thinks it's a printer, from designer Othmar Muehlebach. While it's still just a concept product, the big question is - would you have to spend all morning wrangling with jammed pieces of toast?

A full head of geeky beer

This mug speaks for itself, but here's a word of advice anyway ... don't bring this pilsner glass to your nearest biker bar. It's kind of like wearing a T-shirt with a giant kick-me target on the back.

Forget butt-dialing, how about foot dialing?

GPS-enabled shoes have been around since about 2007, but these puppies from Isaac Daniel Compass are also equipped with Bluetooth. The company bills them as a 'social networking' shoe. You input up to five phone numbers into your cell phone and push a button on the shoe to activate a link with those on the list, and voila! Your friends can literally keep track of you.

Use the Force, Luke

The Star Wars Force Trainer device is the kind of toy you pretend to buy for your kid and then sneak into your office to play with. The manufacturer says it uses your brainwaves to lift the ball. The strength of your brain controls the force of the air and that lifts the ball. Voice guidance provided by none other than Yoda. Do you have a bad feeling about this?

If you like it you shoulda put a ring on it

Seal your geek romance with these programming-inspired rings. What can we say except <object title: "Of your desire" classid: wedding.class> <!-- If the applet didn't work, display the text -- > Broken heart </object>

No, it's not a Rolex

A wrist watch is so 19th century. Surely, you can wear a Linux or Windows CE computer instead. With the ZYPAD WL 11XX, you can. Weighing only 290 grams, and shaped to the contours of the body, it claims to be ergonomic and therefore comfortable. Might look a little bulky under your pocket-protected long-sleeved colored shirt.

The cheapo alternative to an in-car entertainment system

Why spend thousands for an optional in-car entertainment system when you already have a laptop? With this gadget, that costs a mere $20 to $30, you can strap in your laptop and pretend it's an in-car DVD. So go ahead, buy that 1991 mini-van. Your kids won't complain. They won't notice the duck tape on your glasses either.

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