Freebie Rizone Memory Booster Claims To Make Your PC Run Better

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Rizone Memory Booster is one of many utilities promising to make the most efficient user of your system RAM, and make your system run faster and with more stability. Unlike its competitors, though, it doesn't try to go directly into RAM and force memory out of it. Instead, it tells Windows to examine all processes running, and free up memory from there. There's controversy about whether any of these utilities, including Rizone Memory Booster, actually makes a difference in how fast your system runs.

Rizone Memory Booster screenshot
Rizone Memory Booster claims that it can help improve the performance and stability of your PC.

To Rizone's credit, the company doesn't make claims that Rizone Memory Booster will free up a great deal of RAM. Rizone Technologies candidly admits that RMB performs no such magic. Instead, it claims that the software will improve the stability and performance of your PC, and may able to unfreeze programs that have been frozen. In my tests, I could find no difference between using the program, or not using it. My PC worked the same before and after. My programs were too well-behaved to freeze during the testing period, so I was unable to test that claim.

However, Rizone Memory Booster is free. So if you're experiencing system slowdowns, freezes, or instabilities, it may well be worth a try.

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