This Week in Geek: Caffeinated Cars, Six Cores, Games, and a Series of Tubes

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It's been a busy week for those of us in the Land of Geek, what with a new processor from Intel, a major trade show, plus more new tech and gadgetry than you can poke a stick at. Here are a few of the stories we covered over the past week or so.

Meet the Car-puccino

And you thought you couldn't function without coffee. This car, created for the British TV show Bang Goes the Theory, runs entirely on coffee grounds. Although it's a form of alternative energy, I don't think coffee is the answer to our future energy needs: The Car-puccino guzzles 56 espressos per mile. Read on...

Lab Tested: Intel's Core i7-980X Extreme Edition

Four-core processors are so 2009. Or at least that's how it seems. Intel's new Core i7-980X isn't the first six-core processor we've seen--AMD's had them since last year--but it is Intel's first stab at a hexacore CPU. But how does it stack up? See the results to our exclusive lab testing...

GDC: AFK Interactive Brings the MMO Experience to Your Phone

We spent some quality time at this year's Game Developers Conference. One of the more interesting things we've seen is a new development platform that lets developers create mobile apps that tie in to massively-multiplayer online games. The best part? It isn't restricted to smartphones. Our David Ayala has a look and considers the possibilities. Game on!

Super-thin Speakers Made From a Series of Tubes--Nanotubes, That Is.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas came up with a new way of creating speakers. This new speaker technology us made of carbon nanotubes that emit sound when heated with lasers. No word on when you can get nanotube speakers in your den. Check it out...

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