10 Insane PC Case Mods

From some very talented people come these awesome and often weird PC case mods.

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We explore the strange realm of the geekosphere, with PC enthusiasts modding their computer cases in the oddest of ways. Some of these we'd love to own and others we aren't so sure about.

David Barry's Tie Fighter

This desk/PC case is modelled after a Tie Fighter and was constructed by New York native, David Barry. Constructed in four months at a cost of $300, the wings are made from plywood and the centre console from a play ball from a pet shop. (See more at ExtremeTech.)

John Mangus' Optimus Prime

Standing at over 2m tall and weighing 60kg is this Optimus Prime inspired PC case! Inspired by the Transformers movies and comics, this case was built by John Mangus from Pennsylvania. Oh, and did we mention that it actually transforms? There's a 7in LCD on the waist and Mangus says that it took about 300 hours and over a year to complete. (See more at ExtremeTech.)

Kevin Core's Batmobile Tumbler

How do you improve a 1/6 scale model of Batman's Batmobile Tumbler? Fit a computer inside it of course! Creator Kevin Core explains that modding allows him to combine his interest in computers, cars and photography into one hobby. Coolest feature? It's a Batmobile with 28 LEDs and doubles as your computer. Enough said. (See more at Maximum PC.)

Jan Erik Vangen's Bender

A crazy Norwegian by the name of Jan Erik Vangen decided to take his love of Futurama to the next level and modified his PC case to resemble Bender, one of the characters from the show. After much welding of steel sheet metal and improvisation by using kitchen bowls from the supermarket, Bender was born! (See more at Vang 1.)

enVaDoR's Steampunk VoIP Phone

Famous case modder EnVaDoR describes this creation as "A Skype, MSN voice chat-ready (and now Google talk) PC with a retro twist". All the components are antique, including the telephone and box. Just pick up the phone when you receive a voice call from Skype or MSN and the audio is transferred to the handset and the mic activated. (See more at Envador.)

EnVaDoR's Toilet Mod

A child's training toilet from the supermarket, spraypaint and a PC. That's all that was needed to build this gem from EnVaDoR. The flusher is actually the power switch and a biohazard logo has been conveniently sprayed onto the toilet lid. Not sure if we want a toilet to be sitting on our desk but still very cool! (See more at Envador.)

Ken Kirby's R2D2

Two Star Wars-related cases in this top 10. Sorry, but we couldn't resist. This amazing case built by Ken Kirby was a result of some great scrounging and even better craftsmanship. Weighing in at 45kg, Kirby said that the legs were from an R2D2-themed cooler from the petrol station and the body was made from a plastic barrel. It also features an Asetek Vapochill Phase Change cooling system. (See more at ExtremeTech.)

Chris Blarsky's Hulk Model Case

One of our favourites, this ‘case' was built over a period of 14 months and is the only one in our top 10 which actually doesn't have the parts physically inside an enclosed case. The centre-piece, of course, is the 33cm model of The Hulk, and some of the wiring actually runs through the figure. Creator Chris Blarsky said that the hardest challenge was balancing the motherboard on top of the figure. (See more at Fusion Mods.)

Katsuya Matsumura's Japanese Anime Mod

Okay this is a bit weird: a life-size model of a Japanese anime babe. You'll need vinyl chloride pipes (whatever they are), styrene foam and clay to construct this beauty. Created by Katsuya Matsumura. (See more at Kat's Land.)

Giant NES Controller

Lastly, this case was built as a school project in Sweden and was assembled using painted sheets of Lexan, plastic buttons and hand-cut vinyl pieces. It cost about $300 to make and looks great. (See more at technabob.)

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