Mass Effect 2 DLC Adds Master Thief, New Missions

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Mass Effect 2 Kasumi

Leathered, nimble, with a lip tattoo like the world's stubbiest exclamation point, meet Kasumi, the newest member of Mass Effect 2's planet-hopping coterie. She's one-third of game publisher BioWare's upcoming DLC trio, an all-new playable character debuting this April on North American and European Xbox 360s for 560 Microsoft points, or $7.

The Kasumi Stolen Memory PDLC pack introduces Kasumi Goto, "the galaxy's most enigmatic and cunning master thief." The big bad good guys, Cerberus, need her help, and you're the collateral, tasked with helping her pull off a major heist as payment for services rendered.

What's "PDLC"? Premium Downloadable Content. A step up from plain old "DLC," but down from "SUDDLC," i.e. Super-Ultra-Deluxe Downloadable Content. (You wait, someone's eventually going to use that.)

Mass Effect 2 Kasumi

In addition to recruiting Kasumi for the new mission, BioWare says you'll also be able to pull her in as a member of your squad "throughout the entire game."

But will she say much? Your teammates chitchat with you and each other often during the main story, so yes, according to BioWare, they've incorporated brand new cinematics and dialogue.

BioWare says the Kasumi pack also includes a new research upgrade, one new weapon (the Locust submachine gun), a new casual outfit for Commander Shepard (that would be you), and a new achievement (presumably for completing the heist mission).

That's not all: The freebie Firewalker DLC pack was released yesterday (March 23) and includes five new missions featuring a new combat vehicle called the Hammerhead hover-tank. The Alternate Appearance DLC pack was also supposed to release yesterday for 160 Microsoft points, or $2, and lets you play dress-up with your squad, including new outfits for Subject Zero, Thane, and Garrus.

Look for the Kasumi Stolen Memory PDLC pack on April 6.

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